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Super High Res CCTV Security Camera with DWDR & Dragonfire INFRARED

This color CCTV camera has a 1/3-inch Sony™ Super HAD II CCD video sensor that helps this camera to create superb quality video at 750 TV-lines or more (almost HD quality). This sensor is a perfect match for the megapixel rated (and IR optimized) aspherical 4.3mm lens at the front end.

New Generation Color Protection:Digital Wide Dynamic Range (DWDR)

If you've ever been dissatisfied by the quality of color reproduction apparent in the average low cost CCTV camera then you'll appreciate our cameras with wide dynamic range enhancements like DWDR.

Security cameras attempt to capture a scene and reproduce it elsewhere as accurately as possible. While CCTV camera technology has classically focused on shapes, bright/dark, focus, clarity, motion and concentrated on reproducing those aspects accurately, color has long been almost a secondary concern to many manufacturers. That has changed.

Our modern world is full of color. In a cheap camera, a bright color (like neon yellow or green) can overpower the sensor and make all other colors in that scene appear to be "off" or washed out. Signage with neon-colored borders can make customers pay attention but can give security video some interesting effects. Not a big deal unless you need to identify objects or individuals using color in any way. Then things can be needlessly difficult.

Enter Digital Wide Dynamic Range. This signal filtering/shaping technology watches for color problems and corrects them before the signal goes out of the camera. If color reproduction is a concern, choose a camera with DWDR.

Built Tough for Tough Locations

While nothing is really "vandal proof", this camera is designed to take a beating. The case is tested to withstand hammer blows, so it will shrug off a rock or a bottle. Casual attempts to re-aim the camera by grabbing it and turning it will fail thanks to Interlocking "teeth" in the bracket. Cables feed through the bracket so they can not be cut or pulled out. These features make this CCTV security camera a great choice for any urban setting.

OSD Menu

A full feature on-screen display menu gives installers an easy way to adjust most operating parameters of the camera, including shutter speed, gain control, backlight control options and of course, DWDR.

DRAGONFIRE Infrared System

The new infrared array in this camera is a step up from previous IR designs. These new generation high intensity IR LEDs pack enormous illumination power in a small package. Dragonfire LEDs provide the camera with long range infrared that reaches as far as 80' or greater in the dark.

Extended IR Operation

This camera also has extended IR (EIR) operation. This means the video sensor can pick up very low levels of light during the night (this would be light provided by ambient sources like the moon or nearby street lights or signs) and provide color imaging when possible. For the user this means that during night-time operation (or operation in a dark room) the video sensor will provide black-and-white images where infrared light can reach, and color imaging for objects in the area beyond infrared range.  EIR is a feature found in many of our infrared cameras.

  • 1/3" color Sony™ Super HAD II CCD video sensor
  • High resolution: 750 TV-lines or greater
  • MEGAPIXEL 4.3mm aspherical lens, IR corrected
  • Mechanical IR Filter
  • Minimum illumination 0.5 LUX (f1.6), 0.0 LUX with IR on
  • Digital signal processing chipset
  • 14 (total) IR LEDs
  • 12 standard  infrared LEDS, 850nm
  • 2 Dragonfire High Intensity IR LEDs
  • IR range: 80' or more
  • Enhanced IR range (EIR)
  • IP66 weatherproof  rating
  • Power: 12VDC
  • Adjustable 3-axis tamper resistant bracket
  • Cable feed-through bracket design
  • Mounting kit, adjustment keys and attached video/power cable included.
  • Colors: BLACK

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