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Vandal Resistant Black Ops Super DOME with Point Source IR & Effio™

Anti-vandal, 700 TV-lines or more, advanced OSD menu and built-in infrared. This CCTV security camera has it all, including a 3-year warranty.

Effio™ Video Processing Technology

The Effio video processor sits at the analog front end (AFE) of the video image capture process (see simplified diagram at left). Here it intercepts signals prior to digital signal processing. This provides the DSP circuitry with clean and efficient signals that make its job easier, freeing up space for further enhancements to be added to the available real estate on the chipset at micro-component level. These enhancements create higher resolution and provide more options in the OSD.

Zero Glare Design

Note placement of the high intensity infrared "sniper" style LED. It's on the outside of the case. This means there is ZERO chance of IR reflection from inside the dome, a problem that plagues other manufacturers (see the foam rings and other things they do to cut down on reflected IR problems - we haven't done that for YEARS).

This camera is optimized for performance in the dark. It even has an IR optimized varifocal lens. Video quality at night or in the dark is as sharp and clear as it can be and literally wipes out the competition.

Loaded with Features, Including PrePro

The multilingual OSD menu in this camera provides the user with a window into a wealth of options. Some OSD menu cameras force you, as the installer, to spend a lot of time going through each option and setting until you find the right one. We know trial-and-error can be infuriating. Time is money, so we created the PrePro option.

PrePro stands for Pre-Programmed. Our engineers have already programmed default settings in the chipset for optimal performance. That's a lot of words to say "when you reset the camera to factory default, it's good-to-go 99% of the time."

Of course PrePro doesn't handle every situation. But it will satisfy a wide variety of users in most common settings, and the time/cost savings alone make this camera incredibly attractive for large scale installations.

For a thorough examination of the OSD menu and its settings, click here.

Compare Dome Cameras

Not sure which dome camera model will fit your needs best?Check out our Dome Comparison Chart, which shows all of our dome camera models.

dome comparison chart
  • 1/3" color Sony™ ExView™ CCD video sensor
  • Resolution: 700+ TV lines
  • Effio™ Image Processor
  • Advanced Wide Dynamic Range
  • 2.8-12mm varifocal lens
  • Effective pixels:
    • NTSC: 976 x 494 (482k)
    • PAL: 976 x 582 (568k)
  • IR range: 30'+
  • Single point high intensity IR source "sniper" LED
  • IR LED mounted on OUTSIDE of case, totally eliminates glare, haze, or and IR reflections
  • Weatherproof, vandal resistant case
  • Power: 12VDC
  • Weatherproof: IP66
  • Mounting kit, and attached video/power cable included.
  • Heavy duty internal metal 3D bracket resists vibration and movement - perfect for moving applications and places subject to heavy vibrations, jarring motion.
  • Colors: Ivory
  • Backlight compensation, high light compensation, ATW, AGC, enhanced intensity range, ACR and more in OSD Menu.

For a thorough examination of the OSD menu and its settings, click here.


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