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Cortex Security with AI Professional Surveillance


4 Channel Plug & Play NVR

Triple Technology Recording: Connect 8 additional OMNI-IP Plug-and-Play or Open compliant cameras at up to 1080p resolution without sacrificing BNC inputs; configure up to 40 channels as 8 BNC + 8 IPC + mix match 24 more BNC and/or IP channels

Intelligent Video Inputs: connect 1080p/720p EZHD HD-TVI or 960H/SD analog to ANY input at any time
- Reuse existing analog cameras or choose any mix of HD/SD on new systems
- Upgrade any analog camera to megapixel at any time
- Superlative HD resolution of 1080p Full HD or 720p HD for amazing image quality
- Useful digital zoom on live view and playback
- Field select 1080p or 720p, 30/25 Hz or 60/50 Hz

Analog HD operation over "almost any" wire
- More than 1000 feet on standard RG59 coax
- More than 1500 feet on RG6
- More than 500 feet on UTP (one pair from a Cat5e cable, using optional KA-HDBAL1 balun pair).

Display Live/Record 2.1 Megapixel 1920x1080 (1080p), 1 Megapixel 1280x960 (720p), 960x480 (WD1/960H), 704x480 (SD)
- 1080p recording at up to 12FPS per camera
- Real-time recording on any/all chanells at 720p, WD1 or SD resolution
- Playback any/all cameras at up to record rate
- Independent configuration for each channel: resolution main/sub-stream, FPS, bit rate, image quality, etc.

Up-the-cable control [UTC] to access compatible camera OSD menus from the recorder"s PTZ controls (local or remotely)

H.264 Compression for efficient HDD utilization
- Four internal hard drives for up to 24Tb of internal storage, plus eSATA port; (Up to 8 disks)
- Up to 8 network disks (8 NAS disks, or 7 NAS disks +1 IP SAN disk)
- Simultaneous high bandwidth recording plus sub-stream recording for reduced bandwidth remote viewing
- Watermarking for validation of recorded video
- Record scheduling per-camera, with HDD quotas, holidays, parameter change on alarm/event

Unique Channel 0 remote stream displays user defined multi-view in the bandwidth of a single channel

Pentaplex Operation (Simultaneous live, recording, playback, archiving and remote viewing)

Easy router setup for remote access: uPnP/NAT automatically sets up port forwarding (router must support/allow uPnP)

HDMI/VGA monitor outputs for up to 1080p HD display detail; use either for main or spot/call functions

User friendly GUI with graphical icons, visual indicators and multiple language support
- Easy to use on-screen menus include digital zoom and instant playback of recent video
- Operate using front panel controls, wheel mouse or optional IR remote

Quickly locate and review event video
- Use Video Content Analysis event detection on one BNC channel
     - Line crossing (with direction) up to four lines
     - Area intrusion (with loitering time)
- Rapid fast forward can scan quickly between VCA events, yet plays events at normal speed
- Use ?Smart Search? to define an area of interest; the recorder quickly reviews recorded video to list instances of motion in that area for review by the operator
- Search by date/time, or preview images by pointing along a color coded timeline of record type
- Tag video of interest for easy retrieval or export
- Play based on results of extensive event/alarm log search

Digital Zoom with Virtual PTZ in Live & Playback

Privacy masking (4 zones) to block observation of specific areas within the field of view

Audio Inputs (5) and Output (1) for recording and/or two way audio

Alarm inputs (16) and outputs (4) to interface with local hardware

Ethernet gigabit interface for remote network viewing and control, and to connect IP cameras

Multiple Control Inputs: local mouse/hand held IR remote controller (mouse included); web browser and CMS controls

On-screen PTZ control via mouse or IR remote

USB 2.0 ports on front and one on rear panel for video archive and mouse usage

Free DDNS Service ? static IP address is not required for reliable remote access

IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari browser Web clients

Free Multi-Site Windows and MAC OMNI CMS can display up to 64 live/4 playback views

Remote configuration support from built-in web interface and/or free OMNI CMS program

Free iOS and Android apps:
- 16 live views
- Playback specific cameras by date/time plus easy slider control
- Audio monitoring support
- PTZ and relay control
- Up to 16 camera views from HD tablets (HD app)

EZHD-TVF32: 32 Ch, No Drive
EZHD-TVF32/2TB: 32 Ch, 2 TB
EZHD-TVF32/4TB: 32 Ch, 4 TB
EZHD-TVF32/8TB: 32 Ch, 8 TB
EZHD-TVF32/16TB: 32 Ch, 16 TB

  • Analog KT/SD Inputs - 32
  • HD Video Resolutions - KT / HD-TVI 720p30(25), 720p60(50), 1080p30(25)
  • Analog CVBS Video Input - Up to 960x480,720x480(NTSC); 960x576,720x576(PAL)
  • Adaptive Ports - Input Format Auto Detection, KT/SD can be mixed in any combination, at any time
  • Interface - BNC Connector; 1V p-p, 75?
  • Privacy masking - 4 areas programmable in OSD menu
  • Additional IP Channels (up to 2Mpixel) - 8 (Omni IP Plug-and-Play or Open Compatibility)
  • Total Cameras Supported - 40 (8 IPC, 8 BNC, 24 mix/match between BNC & IPC; max 32 IPC plus 8 BNC or 32 BNC plus 8 IPC)

Video Output

  • Main HDMI & VGA - Full HD 1920 x 1080/60Hz; SXGA: 1280 x 1024/60Hz; 720P: 1280 x 720/60Hz; XGA: 1024 x 768/60Hz


  • Video Compression - Dual Stream: H.264 for Main Stream and Sub-stream
  • Video Bitrate - 32Kb/s~6Mb/s each channel
  • Encoding - Main Stream: 1080p; 720p; WD1; 4CIF; VGA; CIF Sub Stream: WD1; 4CIF; CIF; QVGA; QCIF
  • Frame Rate - Main Stream: 1/16 fps ~ Real time frame rate Sub Stream: 1/16 fps ~ Real time frame rate
  • Quality - 6 levels: Lowest/Lower/Low/Medium/Higher/Highest
  • Mode - Continuous; Motion; Alarm; Motion or alarm, Motion + Alarm
  • Motion Detection - Configurable per camera for area(s), sensitivity and arming schedule programmable by day of week and hour of day
  • Schedule Period - Per day in 1 hour blocks; or 8 time periods per day, each with different record mode; plus holidays
  • Pre- and Post- Event Recording - Pre-record 0~30 seconds; post record 5s~10 minutes


  • Synchronous Playback - 32 channels
  • Playback Resolution - 1080p, 720p, WD1, 4CIF, VGA, CIF, QVGA, QCIF
  • Search Type - Time/Date; motion or log event; Manual Tags; Smart Search for motion events from recorded video
  • Capacity - Up to record rate
  • Playback Controls - Play; Pause; Forward/Reverse; speed control for single~1.8~16X; Slide bar with overview of record type and snapshot display from slider position
  • Digital Zoom During Playback - Supported on Local Displays and CMS
Event & Alarm

  • Event Source - MD (Motion Detection), Video Loss, Video Tampering/Exceptions
  • Event Action Schedule - Per day in 1 hour blocks; or 8 time periods per day, each with different record mode; plus holidays
  • Event Action - Buzzer, E-mail, Alarm Full Screen Pop-up, Notify CMS Client
  • MD Area - User selectable grid pattern 22x15 areas with adjustable per camera sensitivity

System Alarm

  • Alarm Source - HDD Error, HDD Full, LAN Fail/Address Conflict, Illegal login, Video Signal Exception/, Record/Capture exception
  • Alarm Action - Buzzer, E-mail, Notify CMS Client (network permitting)


  • Two-way audio - Audio input pass through to remote web or CMS client; remote audio from web or CMS client pass through to audio output
  • Input- 4 Inputs for record, 1 input for two way audio; RCA, 2V p-p, 1KO
  • Output- 1 Output; RCA, 2V p-p, 1KO
  • Compression- Up to 64Kbps, G.711u


  • Interface - 1Gb/s 1000 Base-T Ethernet RJ-45
  • Addressing - Static IP, DHCP, xDSL support
  • NTP/DST - Supported; choice of time zone, NTP server, DST start/end/offset
  • Protocols Supported - TCP/IP, PPPoE, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, SMTP, SNMP, NFS, iSCSI, UPnP, HTTPS, KT&C Plug-and-Play (for connected IP Cameras), OMNI Utility Device Discovery
  • NAT - uPnP router NAT/port mapping forwards ports automatically (*Router must support/permit uPnP function)
  • Users - Up to 128 simultaneous connected users
  • DDNS - Simple DDNS free service tracks WAN IP address and HTTP port


  • User IDs - "Admin", plus multiple configurable login IDs
  • User Levels - All rights for "admin"; Per camera per user rights assignment for Operator and User levels
  • User Privilege Control - Local and remote access to Live views, audio, recording, playback, menus, PTZ, alarms, copy, logs, upgrade, reboot

Storage & Clip copy

  • HDD Storage - 4 SATA HDD up to 4Tb each
  • eSATA - One, on rear panel
  • NAS/SAN - up to 8 network disks (8 NAS disks, or 7 NAS disks +1 IP SAN disk)
  • Copy Type - Multi-Channel or Single Channel File
  • Copy Device - USB 2.0 Drive (2 ports) or eSATA
  • S.M.A.R.T. - Temperature, duration, error rates, bad sector detection, and more

Serial & I/O

  • USB 2.0 Ports - Two front, one rear for mouse and data I/O
  • Serial Port - 1 RS-232C (future use)
  • RS-485 - One; selectable speed and bit pattern; multiple protocols (Pelco P, Pelco D, others)
  • Inputs - 16 alarm inputs
  • Outputs - 4 alarm outputs
  • Keyboard - Input for external control keyboard
  • Up the Cable Control - Multiple protocols, can be sent out of any BNC port to compatible cameras

User Controls

  • Local Controls - Front Panel camera, function and navigation buttons; IR Remote; Mouse


  • Web Viewer - Live view, playback and configuration via IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari (with free plug-in/extension installed)
  • User Rights Control - Per user-per camera for multiple functions
  • Mobile Viewer - iOS and Android supported ; live 1 & 4 camera views; single camera playback; snapshots from live or play; copy clips/record to smartphone; audio support; PTZ control. HD version of app, optimized for tablets, displays up to 16 live view cameras
  • CMS - Free PC and MAC Clients support multiple device viewing, playback (with digital zoom) and configuration; user rights per camera; E-map support; live view up to 64 cameras in 4:3 and 48 cameras in 16:9; up to 16 cameras in playback
  • Event Logging - Multiple types: alarm, exception, operation, information; dozens of sub-types within each major type
  • Firmware Upgrade - From USB or remotely
  • Backup/Restore Configuration - From USB or remotely
  • General Dimension (W x H x D) - 17.5" x 15.3" x 2.7"
  • Chassis Type - 19" rack-mountable 1.5U chassis
  • Weight without HDDS - 11 lb.
  • Operating Temp - 14F~131F
  • Operating Humidity - 10% ~ 90%
  • Voltage - 100~240 VAC 47~63Hz
  • Power - Up to 65W
  • Certifications - FCC, CE, RoHS


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