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Cortex Security with AI Professional Surveillance


Hybrid 16-Channel Real Time Security DVR For MAC and PC

Got a client who's Mac-centric? Got a client who speaks Spanish as his/her native language, or have Spanish speakers in the same home who will need to use the DVR? The Nubix HDX series may be perfect for you.

Easy to Understand

LINUX lies at the core of this standalone security DVR system. This operating systems is rock solid and secure. Upgrading is a snap, using a flash drive and easy to follow on-screen instructions. You can download upgrade for free from our dedicated support site.

Non-English speakers are comfortable with the Nubix 16HDX. It can provide Spanish, Czech, English, Portuguese and many other languages, including Hebrew and several Asian selections. This is a great feature when a user needs to call in to a location and have a person who may not be familiar with the DVR perform some necessary function. Ease  of use is what it's all about. 

Easy LAN Connection and Setup

Connect to local area networks quickly using the RJ45 style connector on the back. You can expect trouble-free communication with TCP/IP, DHCP, DDNS and PPoE protocols available.

Hybrid operation allows this DVR to connect to standard CCTV cameras and IP cameras. This can be an important consideration if your client is looking to upgrade to IP camera technology.

Fast with D1 Resolution for Those Who Need It

Just like you would expect from a professional DVR, this products contains all the video processing power required to record video from 16 cameras at once in D1resolution, with frame rate set toreal time for each camera.

D1 is the picture quality normally associated with DVD movies. Technically, that's 720x480 pixels here in the USA (using NTSC format - PAL format, used in other counties, is slightly different).

Real time is a frames-per-second term that indicates at least 30fps or greater. Capturing and storing pictures from 16 cameras with audio at D1 resolution at this speed puts a heavy load on your equipment. The Nubix HDX series can handle it easily.

MAC & iPhone Compatibility

Gone are the dark surveillance days when Mac users couldn't get remote views of their Nubix products. Not only can Mac users view streaming video straight from this product, they can also use their iPhones for mobile surveillance. (NOTE: Mac users will need to use the Safari browser.)

Beware of Mac Tricks Used Elsewhere

Don't be fooled by other so-called "Mac compatible" security DVRs that actually route the DVR video stream to a secondary location where it is modified (and also logs your passwords when you connect) to comply with Mac hardware standards. These servers can be anywhere, and are often in countries where local laws governing security or non-existent or unenforceable.

This DVR has all the hardware it needs for Mac connectivity already inside it. That means your Safari browser can connect directly to the box. No in-between conversions at other host servers are necessary - just you, your MAC, and the DVR. This makes the connection as secure as it can be.

  • Standalone design
  • PC & MAC compatible video
  • 16 video input channels with loop out connectors
  • Audio inputs: 16 (1 per channel)
  • H264 compression
  • CIF, half-D1, D1 recording
  • IP megapixel camera compatible
  • Audio compression: ADPCM, G.726
  • Compatible with H264, MPEG4 or MJPEG video streams
  • High definition CCTV compatible
  • Live picture refresh rate: 480 ips
  • Real Time D1 recording all channels simultaneously
  • Data protection
  • Linear or circular recording
  • 8 selectable picture quality settings
  • Video outputs: composite, S-video, VGA, HDMI
  • Record modes: manual, motion, alarm, schedule
  • User defined motion detection area
  • Built-in web server allows remote viewing without buying special software
  • Multiplex operation: multi-camera playback, remote view, set-up, and back-up simultaneously
  • TCP/IP network interface remote viewing via client software and Internet Explorer (IE)
  • RS485 for PTZ devices
  • PTZ protocols: Pelco, Pelco D, Fastrax2, Panasonic
  • Alarm inputs: 16 (TTL), terminal block connections
  • Export video files in .AVI or .DVR format
  • Power adapter included


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