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Cortex Security with AI Professional Surveillance


3G/4G Compatible 8-Channel Real Time Security DVR

The Nubix 8RT has just the right combination of features and speed to satisfy many corporate and residential clients.

Built from the ground up for reliable operation, this security DVR uses the rock solid LINUX operating system. Configuration is easy thanks to a hierarchal graphical user interface with clearly defined menu selections. Best of all it lets you capture Real Time video (30fps) on all 8 channels at once using standard CCTV cameras (traditional analog surveillance cameras).

Mobile Viewing

Video compression and streaming capability are compatible with 3G/4G standards so you can use your iPhone or Android device for remote, mobile viewing.

Multilingual User Interface

All DVRs have one thing in common - they need user attention before they can be put into service. They need to programmed, configured, setup - use whatever phrase is most comfortable. The configuration menu of the Nubix RT is graphically based and is easy to understand. Major categories of operation are broken down into logical chunks with self explanatory labels. You can navigate the menus using the IR remote control, the buttons on the front of the DVR, or through a remote connection (using MS Internet Explorer or Safari browsers).

The user interface is bilingual and aside from English it contains many languages from Europe, Asia, and South America (including Spanish).

Firmware is also upgradeable. Using our free support site, users can download software updates (when available), put them on a thumb drive, and easily update their system. This is another function built into the user interface.

This real time security DVR system is packed with features.

  • H.264 video compression standard
  • Streaming video compatible with 3G/4G standards
  • Eight camera inputs (traditional CCTV security camera style)
  • Multiple alarm inputs and outputs
  • Multiple audio inputs
  • Multiple monitor outputs
  • Time lapse recording, event based recording, time & event, emergency/panic mode recording
  • Synchronized multiple camera playback
  • Free Content Management Software (CMS).
  • Administrator and User password based security
  • PTZ control


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