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Cortex Security with AI Professional Surveillance


OSD Menu Options: COR-Z27 Zoom CCTV Camera

Main Setup Menu

LANGUAGE -Select English or Chinese

CAMERA ID  - Assign a number to the camera so you can control using a DVR or PTZ controller (RS485 Pelco D protocol).

ZOOM - Enable/Disable zoom function.

BLC - Backlight compensation, turn it on or off.

AGC - Auto-gain control. Select between MIN, MAX, or MIDDLE setting.

IMAGE SET - Produces a secondary menu that contains BRIGHTNESS, HLC, PRIVACY MASK settings and more. See full explanation at right.

DAY/NIGHT - Select AUTO, B/W or COLOUR. B/W locks the camera into black-and-white mode. COLOUR locks it in color mode. AUTO allows the camera to switch between black-and-white mode and color mode as necessary.

FOCUS - AUTO or MANUAL. You can over-ride this setting when using remote control (with DVR or PTZ controller).

BAUD RATE - 2400 to 9600. Set this to match your PTZ controller (or DVR) settings so you can control the camera from a remote location.




Adjusts image brightness, standard control most users have probably seen before in other video camera and similar products.


Adjusts images sharpness. Like BRIGHTNESS control, this type of adjustment is common to many video cameras and related products.


Flips the image from left/right. This can be useful in some settings.

HLM (High Light Masking) & HLM LEVEL

Turns High Light Masking (HLM) off/on. Use the HLM LEVEL setting to fine tune this feature. New to High Light Masking? Read the following paragraph for more information.

Some thieves and unsavory individuals have learned that you can momentarily disable some CCTV cameras by shining bright lights directly at the camera lens. HLM is one of several methods developed to combat this threat.  When HLM is active it will mask the source of the bright light with a dark shape, thus allowing the area to the side of the light source to be viewed and recorded. People who think they are concealed in a halo of hazy white light will be revealed.

PRIVACY1 through PRIVACY4 & Privacy Setting Submenu

These options control up to 4 privacy masks you can set on screen. You can turn each mask on or off independently. When a privacy mask is ON you can reach a submenu, explained below, to fine tune the mask.


Lets you move the mask around to any position on screen.


Lets you change the size of the mask.


Select from Black, Red, Green or Blue


Set transparency. You can make the mask totally opaque or transparent.


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